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Make it Happen

Dorset Partners

Business owners need the skills and courage to maximize cash generation and profits. And if they do that Dorset Partners can convince the stakeholders to do their part; Lenders will keep lending, Customers will keep consuming, Workers will keep working and Suppliers will keep supplying. A well crafted and presented turnaround plan can gain that critical support when it is needed most.

Grassroots Solar

In 2013, when he was still making custom furniture, Bill Laberge and his wife, Lisa, installed a 9.5 kW system on his workshop in Dorset. Soon they bought an electric vehicle. Now they power their EV with their solar array! Then Bill started Grassroots Solar. Bill brings a wealth of knowledge to the intricacies of designing and installing a system. Furthermore, he has gone through the process from a consumer’s perspective. As a result, he is able to make each customer understand the best options—from system design to financing and installation. Furthermore, he will be there to answer all of your questions throughout the process clearly.

GVH Studio

GVH Studio is a large format graphic printing company dedicated to bringing your ideas to life. Working with the region’s top designers, architects and marketing firms, we have created memorable displays of all kinds. We have been serving our cultural, commercial, retail, banking, industrial, healthcare, government, and education based clients since 2007. We’re located in historic Bennington, Vermont adjacent to Berkshire County, Massachusetts and eastern New York State. GVH Studio is a state of the art graphics facility with the experience and commitment that makes a difference.

The Lightning Jar

More than coworking, The Lightning Jar is a entrepreneurship community offering connections between entrepreneurs and the support systems he/she/they need to be successful. Whether it’s connecting to a mentor, finding the right training, hosting a workshop or networking event, The Lightning Jar is here to assist early stage startups in the Bennington region.

Old Mill Road Media

Old Mill Road Media—based in East Arlington, Vermont— is the publisher of BERKSHIRE Magazine, VERMONT Magazine, STRATTON Magazine, MANCHESTER LIFE, and The Vermont News Guide. In addition, Old Mill Road offers a full range of media services, including Audio and Video Production, Graphic Design services, Website Design services, and Social Media management.

TÖST Beverages

TÖST was created to fill the immense space when the consumer is looking for more than sparkling water when they are not drinking alcohol. We brought together a team of beverage and culinary experts to create a beverage that by design imparted some of the characteristics often found only in alcoholic beverages.

Trust Company of Vermont

The Trust Company of Vermont is a state chartered trust and investment management firm for individuals and families. Headquartered in Brattleboro, with offices in Burlington, Rutland and Manchester, the Trust Company was chartered as of September 16,1999 and became the state’s first independent trust company. The Trust Company has grown from a zero base to over 2 billion dollars in managed assets.

Clutch Creative

Clutch is a digital creative agency hellbent on delivering meaningful communication and experiences that build brands and crush expectations.

We think hard and work harder to make experiences engaging, solutions smarter and our clients more effective through wide-eyed creativity, effective strategy, and meticulous execution.